Ahuza Junior High - Leadership and Communication

The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa
Ahuza Junior High (7th-9th grade) – school for Leadership and Communication
19 Harel St. , Haifa 3455530
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Ahuza Junior High - Leadership and Communication

Headmaster: Shlomit Shaked

Ahuza Junior High

The Ahuza Junior High School is a “Beit Hinuch”, which, in Hebrew, means “a house of education”. It is oriented to nurturing the pupils out of interest in their well-being and in their development as human beings, while considering both the personal and human potential within them, and their contribution to the establishment of a better society. As an educational Institution aiming to realize this vision, our education is based on four elements: a harmonious class climate; E.C.L.: education, communication, leadership integrated in all school activities; professional teaching and learning; dynamic assessment-based performance. We continuously deal with both strengthening and reinforcing the existing foundations together with innovation and forging new paths in the realms of education, teaching and administration.

During the past six years we have been devising, studying, building, and applying the “Maarag,” a trailblazing pedagogical program whose underlying principle is fostering dialogue and involvement in learning and education. The program interweaves disciplines of knowledge with education, exposing the pupils assertively to the complexity, multi-dimensionality and relevance of knowledge. All this is achieved without forgoing the warm and embracing atmosphere of Ahuza Junior High School to the slightest extent.

יסוד אחוזה בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה

A bit of history

In 1936, a 7.2-acre plot of land was purchased in the Ahuza neighborhood. From 1938, it served as a training center for the “Khagam”, a pre-military program conceived by Dr. Biram, whose aim was to prepare youth for military service. In 1937, the Ahuza Junior High School classes were inaugurated. In the first year, Meir Khienkin, a member of the school administration, took charge of the project and the actual building of the classes of Ahuza Junior High School. The branch functioned in temporary quarters until the completion of the first building on the premises in 1938. In 1950, the primary grades opened at this site, and operated together with the junior high school classes on the same premises, until the building designated for the junior high school was completed in 1953. In 1967, a new wing was added to this building. In 1969, a new wing was also added to the primary school building. Thus, both branches operating in this complex housed both classrooms and specific subject rooms.