Our Vision & Fundamental Values

The School’s Vision

To be a first rate educational institution, a leader and pioneer which encourages and prepares its pupils to be worthy and decent human beings, engaged and critical citizens contributing to and inspiring Israeli society.

The School’s Mission

The school will maintain its position as a leading institute in the realms of education, teaching and learning, and administration. In all its activities, the school will focus on nurturing the school community: students, teachers and staff members, and on the development of each individual as an active member of society, while leaning on the school’s tradition and simultaneously forging innovative ways that will secure its future.

בול המאה של בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה

The Reali Core Values

  • The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa is an independent public educational institute. Its pupils choose to study at the Reali, and have been found eligible to do so. The school’s educational, academic and social programs, and its managerial philosophy, are based on a unique K-12 continuum. It is precisely this continuity, which enables the school tradition, the on-going educational processes and the personal attention to have a significant influence on the pupils.
  • The pupils are the school’s principal consideration.
  • Within its educational and academic framework, the school encourages the pupils to express their unique personalities and talents in the best possible manner.
  • The school motivates its pupils to assume responsibility for the learning and educational processes and become active participants in them.
  • The teachers, students and parents will collaborate in a dialogue based on mutual trust and respect.
  • The school will undertake to strengthen the reciprocal ties with the community in which it operates, and will nurture collaboration with it.
  • The school will nurture its teachers and staff members, encouraging and promoting excellence, initiative, responsibility, team spirit and identification with the school.
  • The school will strive to achieve economic stability while improving the infrastructure as well as the measures and standards of service, in order to secure its future and to gain the satisfaction of its clients.

The school’s approach combines elements from its educational and academic tradition while being open to innovation. The school’s educational-pedagogic path will be based on the following principles:

In the realm of Value – Based Education

  • The school aspires to promote a philosophy of life which integrates the following values:
    • Humanism, Tolerance and Democracy.
    • Respect for the spiritual and cultural Jewish heritage and reinforcement of the students’ bond with this heritage.
    • Identification with the goals of Zionism, fostering knowledge and appreciation of the land of Israel while reinforcing a profound sense of belonging to the state and loyalty to its laws.
  • Imparting values that influence both the quality of the pupils as worthy human beings, and their integration in society and contribution to it.
  • Imparting aesthetic values.
  • Promoting values related to physical education.

In the realm of Intellectual Education

the school will act to assure that its pupils – graduates:

  • have the capacity to think independently and creatively.
  • have the capacity to study independently.
  • have the necessary skills to research and investigate, analyze and evaluate, as well as criticize and make moral judgments.
  • are able to express themselves eloquently and precisely, while using a rich vocabulary.
  • will have a broad education in diverse disciplines.

In the realm of Life Skills

the school will strive for its pupils to:

  • be both aware and critical of themselves.
  • be able to engage in dialogue and communicate positively with other people
  • be able to cope with stress.
  • be able to stand up for their principles when confronted with negative social pressure.
  • be able to make decisions and conduct their life while assuming responsibility for it.
  • be willing to play an active role in society and influence the course of events.
  • have the capacity to deal with a changing world and be productive and creative in it.