From the CEO and Principal

Dear pupils, teachers, staff members, parents and alumni,

The Hebrew Reali School celebrated its centennial this year, and has stepped into its second century with vigor.יוסי בן דב

Our school is committed to conserving its tradition of many years as well as innovating, thus continuing to lead in teaching, learning, and social engagement.

The Reali has over 21000 alumni, all of whom contribute to Israeli society in their individual ways: in science, industry, culture, art, education, sports, and other fields of life. In so doing, they are fulfilling the vision of Dr. Arthur Biram, the founder of our school: to educate generations of “excellent human beings who will lead wherever they may be”.

We remember those who are no longer with us, the fallen in Israel’s wars and terror attacks, victims of accidents and disease, who have passed away: graduates, pupils, teachers and staff members. We cherish their memory.

As a graduate who completed 12 years of study at the Reali School, a father of three alumni of the school, and as the grandfather of a grandson now studying in the first grade, I consider myself highly privileged to be the head of this prestigious and long-standing institution. Together with my colleagues – the educational, teaching and administrative members of the staff, we will lead the school toward the challenges ahead. In order to accomplish this, we will, of course, require full and constructive collaboration with the Reali School family: pupils, parents and alumni.

In the course of this school year, we will continue with the implementation of the school’s “Ma’arag*” program, which is based on learning conceptions geared to the 21st century. We aspire to provide our pupils with critical thinking abilities, creativity and innovativeness, tools for studying and for work linguistic, scientific and mathematical literacy; teamwork skills. All of these will prepare our students for life in a changing world that requires expressions of personal and social responsibility, local and global citizenship alongside multi-cultural awareness and flexibility.

We pledge to achieve this lovingly, responsibly and professionally.

Dr. Yossi Ben-Dov
C.E.O. and Principal of the School

(*) “Ma’arag” means woven fabric in Hebrew