The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa

The Hebrew Reali School of Haifa is an independent educational institution. Our pupils are carefully selected. Once they have been accepted, they enjoy a continuous, uninterrupted course of studies from kindergarten through the 12th grade, and are educated according to the school’s vision: “to be a leading and path breaking top quality educational institution, which encourages its pupils to be “mensches”-worthy human beings- actively involved in Israeli society“.

Since it was founded in 1913, as an aftermath of the “language war” (a dispute over which language should be used in teaching in Israel: German or Hebrew) and in response to a demand to establish a wholly Hebrew “Realschule”, the Hebrew Reali School has developed along with the Jewish “yishuv” and the state, all the while serving as a pioneer and beacon in the field of Israeli education.

Over the years many initiatives and educational institutions “born” at the Reali have been adopted by the Ministry of Education, such as the establishment of the scout movement, the “Gadna” (para-military youth preparation program), the “National Service“, the “Personal Commitment Program“, the “term paper” (school thesis), the student council, and the teaching of civics, oriental studies and additional subjects.

Some 4,000 pupils are currently attending the school’s six branches. There are about 500 staff members, 80 of whom are alumnae of the school. The school has an inclusive educational philosophy, though each of the branches has a distinctive and unique character:

  • at the Hadar branches : Arts and Sciences
  • at the Carmel branch: Science, Nature and Environment
  • at the Ahuza branches: Leadership and Communication
  • at the upper division: the Beit Biram Campus offers over 50 subject combinations.
  • a cluster of “green” kindergartens on the Beit Biram campus.

Our pupils come from all parts of Haifa and the peripheries: from Nahariya in the north through Yokneam in the east till Zichron Yaacov in the south. The Reali is proudly multicultural and we have amongst others: Jews, Arabs, Christians, Druze, Baha’is, Circassians studying together.

We encourage the absorption of immigrants and each year we absorb new immigrants from the USA, Europe, Russia and Ethiopia. Families that cannot afford the tuition are eligible for scholarships on the basis of socioeconomic background.

Our pupils are educated on values such as the love of man-humanism, tolerance, generosity and contribution to society, and active patriotism.

The Reali has over 22 thousand alumnae who hold key positions in Israel’s diverse society, among them 41 Israel Prize laureates, four Chiefs of General Staff, three Supreme Court Justices, 70 military decorations and medals were given to our graduates during the years. Many have excelled in science, arts, industry, communication and academia. Former president of Israel, the late Ezer Weizman, also studied at the Reali.

Hundreds of our pupils-our future leaders- receive wide acclaim every year, in competitions and projects both local and international in a wide range of subjects. We are proud of them all. We feel the spirit of “the Reali family” – a cross-generational family, at the core of which are friendship and tools for life.