Ahuza Primery School - Leadership and Communication

The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa
Ahuza Primary School (kindergarten, 1st-6th grade) – school for Leadership and Communication
25 Kiryat Sefer St. , Haifa 3467644
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Ahuza Primery School - Leadership and Communication

Headmaster: Ayala Yehuda

Ahuza Primary School

מבזק ידיעות

לחצו כאן לצפייה בעיתון שלנו -
מבזק נובמבר תשע"ד

The Ahuza Primary School has developed a unique leadership program for pupils in grades 1-6. Pupils participate in numerous activities dealing with inter-personal communication, mass media, environmental quality, Jewish heritage, physical education and a healthy life style. These activities are based on the cross-age, cross-disciplinary leadership program of the branch, which puts emphasis on diverse communication frameworks. These frameworks were created to enable pupils to assume individual responsibility and in order to implement personal and collective leadership, while fostering social engagement.

תיכון אחוזה בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה

A bit of history

The plot of land, on which the classroom building of the Ahuza Primary School stands today, was bought in 1935. The construction and inauguration of the new branch were delayed due to financial problems and the events of the times (the Arab Revolt). Thus, in 1937 the school administration settled on constructing a hut (today it is the Scout Hut). The first principal of the branch was Mr. Levi Wolf, who managed it until his death in 1947(there is a memorial site for him on the premises.). The building was used by the junior high school (till 10th grade), and only in 1950 was it expanded to house the lower grades: first only the 5th and 6th grades, and finally all grades 1-6. The Primary School became independent, and an additional building was constructed down the hill to serve as a junior high school. Throughout the years, the branch grew and expanded; the original hut was always in use for studies of a variety of educational themes. On the right side of the plot, an additional building was constructed, and eventually was renovated and transformed into the first “RealiGan”-Reali kindergarten.