Beit Biram High School

The Hebrew Reali School in Haifa
Beit Biram High School (10th-12th grade)
15 Aba Hushi Ave. , Haifa 3478620
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Beit Biram High School

Headmaster: Mendi Rabinovich

Beit Biram High School

Beit Biram is one of the largest high schools (grades 10-12) in Israel. The human wealth and the diversity of activities in Beit Biram give the campus the character of an “education city”. Beit Biram’s distinction lies in its being a campus that invites its students to participate in inexhaustible learning and social experiences. Responsibility is the central value that distinguishes the educational approach underlying the school endeavors.

We grant our pupils freedom to choose their way, while demanding they assume responsibility for its formulation. We promise to direct them to fully realize their excellence, whatever it may be. We are fully committed to accompanying them all the way to graduation. Each one of our pupils will remain with us as long as he/she wishes, even when it is not easy.

בית בירם בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה

A bit of history

Beit Biram is named after Dr. Arthur Biram, the founder and first principal of the Reali School. In 1933, a plot of land, on which a campus would be built in the future, was purchased in the Upper Ahuza neighborhood. A building, designated to be a boarding school, was constructed on the 70 dunam (17.3 acre) plot. However, it was confiscated by the British army, and was used as a parachuting school during the British Mandate. Haviva Reich and Hana Senesh learned how to parachute in one of the buildings that can still be seen today at the IDF Junior Command Preparatory School. Following the establishment of the State of Israel, the campus became the IDF parachuting School.

In 1952, all of grades 11 and 12, later some of the 10th grades were transferred to Beit Biram, and only circa 2000, did all the 10th grades unite in Beit Biram, after having studied in all three junior high branches. In 1953, the IDF Junior Command Preparatory School was inaugurated. Today, the 170 cadets of the IDF Junior Command Preparatory School, study at Beit Biram, sometimes attending school in uniform. The cadets are divided equally among the classes, as are the civilians. They are obligated to take “Military Studies” as one of their majors. This is a theoretical academic course, particularly devised for the cadets.