Learning Environments

A Learning Environment is an area that comprises all that is required for learning. It supplies information that is relevant to the subject matter being studied, namely, content, regulations and thinking tools.

The learning environment contains thinking stimuli that provoke the pupils to deal with the contents of their studies, and the complex thinking processes, while being actively involved and interacting with various partners. The learning environment is actively designed by the teachers and pupils in a way that serves its purpose; it demands of the participants, skills of orientation and critical thinking.

Developing Learning Environments – D.L.E.

In addition to the pedagogical concept known as a Learning Environment, the basic ideas of which were presented above, the school has devised a plan that will deal with the school’s physical learning infrastructure. The program is comprehensive in both its scope and financing. The D.L.E. program, led by the Executive Vice Principal for Administrative and Financial Affairs, is being applied at school and enables the realization of the concept of optimal learning, which we have formulated.

Among the principles of this program are:

  • functional and flexible design of learning areas/spaces
  • fostering areas that enable diverse learning processes
  • an advanced infrastructure of Information Technology
  • an implemenetation of “learning everywhere” principle
  • professional work areas and advanced means for teachers both as individuals and as a team
  • large areas for social interaction which allow for large scale and safe mobility of the different communities

Digitized Learning Environments

A Digitized Learning Environment makes pedagogical use of technological possibilities and aids in the realization of optimal, personal and collaborative learning, without the constraints of time and place. Click here to read more about digitized pedagogy in our school.