How We Study

The pedagogical policy of the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa is based on the “Ma’arag” Program (“Ma’arag” means woven fabric in Hebrew).

The Ma’arag is an inclusive pedagogical approach, which strives to fulfill the school vision. Based on current academic research, it was developed in learning circles of diverse faculty members, and encounters with experts in a variety of fields.

The Ma’arag conception is implemented as School Policy.

  • it relates to the three levels of life at school: personal, social, academic, and the connections between them as pertaining to all age divisions in the school
  • is oriented towards learning based on curiosity, interest and engagement
  • embraces dialogue as a way of life
  • fosters teacher autonomy
  • is committed to the ongoing development of teachers and pupils
  • integrates the domain of educational performance with the organizational framework

The Ma’arag has four axes:

  • the axis of optimal learning which integrates projects
  • the axis of Reali mentoring
  • the axis of digitized and physical learning environments
  • the axis of education through the disciplines of knowledge